» About Us

Pimatico started its business journey as a startup project which is launched in 2016. Project was initially imagined as a software solution that solves a problem of a safe signalisation on remote devices of other manufacturers.

In 2017., we have joined SPARK startup accelerator from Mostar, where we have got resources necessary for development of the prototype of our gateway. Shortly after joining SPARK acceleration program and developing first hardware prototype, we have got our first investment from the company Mandeks d.o.o.

The result of that investment is company Pimatico d.o.o. with headquarters in Prozor. Until today, main focus of our company is work on a development of a new and innovative hardware and software solutions for our investors and their clients.

At the middle of 2019., by Končar institut za elektrotehniku in Zagreb, we are expecting the relase of demanding CE certificate for the first 10 devices intended for the electrical installations and automation.

As a technology startup, our goal is to stand out by being innovative and agile with our solutions which can outmatch or, at least can go side by side with world famous competition.