PLC gateway

  • Free licence for the PLC gateway software
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, Wiegand decoder, RTC...
  • Numerous interfaces for extensions (i2c, UART, USB, 1Wire)
  • MASTER controller

It is a central device of all our solutions. PLC Gateway is a master controller for other devices and it is responsible for maintaining connection with internet. Powered with headless Linux operating system, it runs majority of our software.

The device is powered by ARM processor (Raspberry 3 or other). Our software is distributed with it – freely. Operating system is primarily installed on SD card, but there are models with integrated memory. Our software is written to minimise number of writings to SD card which secures stability and longevity.

Download device technical documentation

Integrated software features

The licence for our software is delivered together with the device. Main feature of our software is the ability of simple access through mobile application over the cloud. Cloud infrastructure serves purely for signalization and user authorization. Once the user authorization has finished and initial signalization is done, communication switches to P2P protocol mode.


All of the inputs, outputs and sensors are presented in a user interface as a “Devices”. When any of the SLAVE controllers are connected, devices are automaticly shown in the application interface – without need for any configuration. Out of the basic I/O, it is possible to make composite devices as: shutters, thermostats, etc.

Mobile device display

Shutters control 

Intensity control


You are able to sort all the registered devices in groups for easier navigation. Groups can be accessed from the Dashboard or the side menu.

Display of the devices in the group
Mobile display of the devices in the group


Device states can be set up in the desired scenarios or scenes. Scenarios can be initiated from the Dashboard or application menu. Besides, starting or stopping the scene is possible to initiate on the events as: Given time, change of sensor input, state of given output etc.

Scenarios configuration on the big screen
Scenarios on the home screen


Device and scenes state can be program defined on several different places. It is possible to register answers to isolated events, but it is also possible to match multiple conditions to start any action in the system. Code editor and API enables even the most complicated scenarios.

Software plugins and modules

For specific solutions we have developed special software modules which can expand primary gateway functionalities! They can also add new user interfaces into the application. All of the available plugins are released through cloud infrastructure for every single device, depending on the licence.