PWL dimmer 4x

  • Linear light intensity span from 0% to 100%
  • Animation during light intensity change
  • 4x200W (LED) or 4x400W (normal lighting)
  • SLAVE device (PWL modem or RS485 modem)

This device has four high power dimmer outputs which can control full linear range of light intensity on ordinary lighting fixtures or dimmable LED panels. It is ideal for controlling multiple loads connected on one output in a purpose of creating manageable light zones.

The device is constructed with support for “trailing edge” dimming technology, with what we have secured support for modern standards and industry recommendations. In that way, we have also secured work support on every modern dimmable LED panel.

For this device to work, on the PLC gateway it is necessary to have connected PWL modem or RS485 modem. Because of possibility of communication via power lines, dimmer can be dislocated from the main central cabinet without additional calibrations. At example, it can be set in the lights distribution box, which is concealed below dropped ceiling while communication is being done through already existing lines. Options of communication are truly large and limited only by draftsman creativity.

Device block scheme
Technical scheme

Download device technical documentation

Software functionalities

Device presents itself to PLC gateway software by automatic detection method. Once detected, device can be programmed or controlled in the full spectrum of intensity from 0% to 100% in the intervals of 10%.