PWL modem

  • Communication over power lines (up to 400 meters)
  • Direct communication (up to 800 meters)
  • Pimatico RMCU communication protocol (exclusively PWL devices)
  • SLAVE device (PLC UART)

PWL modem is a MASTER controller extension which allows the controller to communicate with all of the other PWL devices trough power lines up to 400 meters distance. Besides communication trough power lines it is possible to establish direct connection over two wires up to 800 meters distance.

In case you are using communication via power lines, it is necessary to take care of the following precautions:

  • Communicating devices have to be on the same phase line
  • If they are not on the same phase line, “phase coupler” is required
  • Cheap and uncertified electronics can generate interference in a power grid which can cause communication problems

Connecting method

Technically unlimited number of devices can be connected to the modem. All of the PWL devices are factory-addressed with an 6 byte address and no additional configuration is needed. Devices are shown in the PLC gateway controller application by autodetection method – on power up.

Although there is no technical limitation in addressing, it should be taken into account that every device clutters communication on the lines which can lead to poor performances. No more than 20 PWL devices should be used in the same grid.

Device block scheme

Technical scheme

Download device technical documentation

Device software functionalities

Powerline communication implements our own RMCU protocol and only those parameters are available for software reconfiguration. Default settings is generally sufficient for most scenarios.