PWL relay 8x

  • Eight relay NO/NC outputs
  • No address limitations in a number of connected devices
  • Option of connecting extensions to this device
  • SLAVE device (PWL modem or RS485 modem)

This device extends the relay output number to its master controller. Possibility of communication with MASTER controller through power lines gives the options of placing this controller out of the main electrical control cabinet without the need for additional cabling.

It has an extra I2C port for extensions that can be used for increasing the number of inputs and outputs inside the same cabinet. For example, you can connect the “Relay extender 8x”.

Device block scheme
Technical scheme

Download device technical documentation

Device software functionalities

During initial device installation, 8 relay outputs are registered in the software. Those relay outputs you can arrange in a composite device for shutters, heating, lighting etc. or you can switch them directly from the user interface of mobile application.