Relay extender 8x

  • Chain connecting of up to 9 devices to the PLC gateway
  • Option of connecting to the Smart room controller
  • Addressing over DIP switch with software autodetection
  • SLAVE device (i2c)

This device extends the number of relay outputs to its MASTER controller which is located in the same distribution cabinet. Because of direct communication with a MASTER controller, it is characterized by simplicity of implementation, reliability and speed of work.

Communication with MASTER controllers is done by I2C bus, thereby, before the first connection it is necessary for every chain-connected device to choose unique device address over DIP switch on the case. Every physical output is a relay with a NO/NC connectors that can overlap the loads up to 10A/230V. Its assignment is of general character and its purpose is defined by software settings of the PLC gateway.

Device block scheme

Technical scheme

Download device technical documentation

Device software functionalities

During initial device installation, 8 relay outputs are registered in the software. Those relay outputs you can arrange in a composite device for shutters, heating, lighting etc. or you can switch them directly from the user interface of mobile application.