Smart room controller

  • Standalone work in a case of communication fail
  • 10 digital inputs, 7 relay outputs, Wiegand decoder, RTC, ...
  • Option of expanding with additional inputs/outputs
  • SLAVE controller (PWL or RS485)

Smart room controller (SRC) is semi-automated control unit for hotel rooms. This device is responsible for temperature controlling, power management, room events and room access control.

This device is used within our hotel solutions. It has predefined inputs and outputs that are performing the room automation function. List of all of the inputs and outputs with their functions is shown below:

 Basic mode (no ext. thermostat)Basic mode (with thermostat)
Relay 1Light general switchLight general switch
Relay 2Welcome lightWelcome light
Relay 3Door lockDoor lock
Relay 4Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb
Relay 5Room ServiceRoom Service
Relay 6Cooling
Relay 7HeatingHeating
Contact 1SOS contactSOS contact
Contact 2Window contactWindow contact
Contact 3Minibar contactThermostat contact
Contact 4Main door contactMain door contact
Contact 5Do Not Disturb contactDo Not Disturb contact
Contact 6Room Service contactRoom Service contact
AC 1Card holderCard holder
AC 2Fire/Smoke sensor or Water sensor – Alarm1Fire/Smoke sensor or Water sensor – Alarm2
WiegandCard Reader or keyboardCard Reader or keyboard
PWL/RS485Modem lineModem line
1 WireRoom temperature sensorRoom temperature sensor

By connecting extensions like Tubular controller or Relay Extender 8x on SRC i2c connector, device can get additional inputs and outputs with their preprogrammed functionalities.

Block scheme of the device

Technical scheme

Download device technical configuration

Device software functionalities

To do – explain the chip software mode!