• Programmable RFID keys
  • Room sensors monitoring
  • HVAC integration
  • Self check-in terminal

Apart from the specialized hardware designed for power optimization and guest comfort, our software solutions make up an entire product range intended for the needs of hotel personnel and management. Our solution is easily scalable according investors requirements and they allow simple integration with other solutions like parking or automated check-in feature.

Automated check-in feature

This feature allows your guests to receive Room reservation access codes via SMS or email, which allows them to be entered on the parking lot or automated check-in terminal. After code confirmation, RFID card would be issued to the guest and passage to reservated room would be authorized.


Smart room controller – SRC is installed in every hotel room and has the following features:

  • Maintaining room temperature conditions (different temperature conditions depending on the state of the room:
    • ECO (room is not rented)
    • PRECOMFORT (room is rented, but guest is away)
    • COMFORT (guest is in the room)
  • Optimization of electricity consumption (HVAC systems regulation and turning on power only when the guest puts the card in the card holder)
  • Guest authorization via programmable RFID card/key with time restrictions (programmable from reception or self check in terminals)
  • Shower SOS alarm
  • Room alarms (flood, smoke, motion, fire)
  • Welcome light
  • Minibar contact / or thermostat contact, if you want to embed external heating thermostat
  • State of doors and windows
  • Buttons for “DO NOT DISTURB” and “MAID CALL”

With additional hardware extensions it is possible to accomplish next functionalities:

  • Balcony lights control
  • Water valve control
  • Toilet heating control
  • Fan speed control (3 speed modes)
  • External heating and cooling thermostat
  • Shutter control with buttons or application
Base: Smart Room Controller
Addition 1: Relay extender 8x
Addition 2: Tubular controller

H-management software package

H-management represents a set of software modules that are intended for hotel and apartment solutions. Set of those program modules can be classified in 5 different categories:

1. Reception

Reception module is intended for reception personnel. It includes options such as room reservations and time programming of RFID keys for every room at the moment guest checks in. RFID keys are valid throughout the time guest resides in the room, whereupon keys are being recycled on the reception. The reception got full insight into the room state, including reservations all the way to readout of all the sensors in the room that can indicate maid presence, guest presence or opened minibar.

Reception module have as well option of remote adjusting of temperature conditions in the room, before the guest arrives.

2. Household

Household module is made for the staff that is in charge for cleaning. Its main purpose is informing the management and cleaning staff about the needs for room inspection and cleaning after the guest call or when guest has leaved the room. Feedback about cleaning status and inspection can be received via buttons that are installed in the room or through mobile application.

Screenshots are taken from development version of the application.
3. Security

Security module is made out of a panel with complete view on a state of selected group of rooms. For example, one screen can show one hotel wing and the other screen shows the other hotel wing. Every silent alarm that activates in the room, is automatically being displayed on the screen and draws attention of security personnel. In addition, they have a complete insight in the occupancy status of all the rooms and readout of all the sensors so they can act accordingly.

Development mockup.
4. Management

Management module consists of statistical information and key performance indicators display. It is being built depending on the management needs and can be available through mobile app.

5. Integrations

Architecture of our software allows great flexibility when integration with existing systems is required. Some of the examples are:

  • Automated check in using the PIN that is delivered via SMS
  • Integrated control of pool access, saunas and parking lots
  • Possibility to integrate with existing H system that takes care of reservations and accounting
  • Option of controlling the room using the screen in the room
  • Services ordering in the room from screen in the room
  • Integration with a building HVAC system in combination with Power Management
  • Various integrations according to project needs