• Sensor and time events
  • Software defined outputs
  • Mobile application
  • Notifications, SMS, emails

Users are often looking for a solution that doesn’t exist on a market in a form of a final product, instead custom project and programming is required. Pimatico has developed software solution which allows easy I/O programming through user interface or through integrated javascript code editor.

Some of the examples

  • Control and automation of agricultural goods, gardens and greenhouses irrigation
  • Systems for ventilation and temperature control
  • Control of fluid levels in containers and pump signalization
  • Alarm and reports system
  • Any other scenario of automation, remote control or report

PLC Gateway and other controllers

The PLC gateway with gateway software, needs to be installed on every project location. PLC gateway then coordinate with all of other connected devices which are added to achieve required number of I/O – required by the project documentation.

All connected I/O are available in user interface or as a references in the code editor – simplifying the programming as much is possible.

User interface is an option

In certain scenarios, the user doesn’t need to see anything in the aplication interface (headless mode). But sometimes, user can request an option to control some of the processes using a mobile application. In that case, after device programming, define everything that your user can see in the application and give him application access.

For a full insight in capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.