• Mobile/tablet application
  • Secured communication
  • Power management
  • Video surveillance

Advancement of technology opened up possibilities of raising the quality of life at our homes and workplaces. Today, smart technologies provide more savings, comfort and safety than it has been possible before.

Wire before wireless

Our solutions are integrated in electrical control cabinets. Every sensor and signal output is safely connected by wire so we can assure everything would work with high certainty and security. Some wireless inputs may be an option – depending on desired use scenario.

Whole automation can be bypassed while still using the same input control panels.

Supported sensors

For digital states (YES/NO), we use widely available sensors with integrated NO/NC relays or simple magnetic switches for state detection of doors, windows or liquid level. For temperature measuring we are using temperature sensors based on 1Wire protocol, although integration with other “smart” sensors is not problematic at all.

Mobile application

Everything can be automated, but sometimes, user need to take the control back. Our application allows the user to take control over the house and available scenarios.

Lower the shutters, dim the lights, rise defense systems or engage a party mood at a touch of a button or through mobile app. Application would always be aware of currently active states and scenarios.

Heating and air conditioning
  • Setting wanted temperature for heating or cooling from a remote location
  • Thermostat emulation and connecting on any device containing thermostat input
  • Timely setting via application when will the heating/air conditioning start and finish, or consumption limitation
  • Turning off the air conditioning if the window is open
  • Control of entire building or every room individually
  • Electric consumption readout or expenses optimization
  • Control through smartphone or by events
  • Setting up how much shutters will open in the scenarios
  • Similar control of garage doors, presentation panels, etc…
  • Lighting control and dimming intensity through app or through physical buttons
  • LED panels and normal bulbs are supported
  • Intensity based on scene state
  • State change depending on sensor readings
  • etc…
View of front door of residence with glass door.
Notifications and alarms
  • Detection through sensors
  • SMS notification
  • Email notification
  • WEB hooks
  • Light and sound alarms for (fire, smoke, flood, burglary)
Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar
Gardens and courtyards
  • Open fence or garage door by using long range RFID readers in the vehicle
  • Open entrance door by using RFID card or pin number which can be defined through mobile app
  • Manually start irrigation sequence from a remote location or set up timed events
  • Controlling garden lighting depending on a scenarios and outdoor sensor readings
  • etc…
Sprinkler of automatic watering in garden

For a full insight in capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Proper presentation can be arranged.