AC sensor adapter

  • Bridge for connecting 230V/50Hz sensors with our software
  • Detects presence 230V/50Hz which overlaps MOSFET on the output
  • Direct connection to the digital inputs of all Pimatico devices
  • motion, fire, water, smoke, light, sound etc.

This device allows you to detect the presence of 230V/50Hz on standard digital input. It enables usage of widely available sensors with 230V/50Hz outputs and convert them as valid input of PLC Gateway for purposes of event detection and further programming.

Supported sensors

On the market we have two kinds of sensors with digital outputs. Some sensors have relays with NO/NC output while the others are designed to instantly pass 230V/50Hz to the load. Sensors with NO/NC digital outputs are directly connected to the inputs of our controllers. Others need “AC sensor adapter” which converts them to act as NO/NC relays.

Example of supported sensors
The scheme of connecting to PLC gateway

Download device technical documentation

Software functionalities

This device does not have any specific software functionalities. If connected as in above picture, PLC gateway software would detect closed circuit on presence of 230V/AC.