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PLC gateway

It is a central device of all our solutions. PLC Gateway is a master controller for other devices and it is responsible for maintaining connection with internet. Powered with headless Linux operating system, it runs majority of our software.

Smart room controller

Smart room controller (SRC) is semi-automated control unit for hotel rooms. This device is responsible for temperature controlling, power management, room events and room access control.

AC sensor adapter

This device allows you to detect the presence of 230V/50Hz on standard digital input. It enables usage of widely available sensors with 230V/50Hz outputs and convert them as valid input of PLC Gateway for purposes of event detection and further programming.

Relay extender 8x

This device extends the number of relay outputs to its MASTER controller which is located in the same distribution cabinet. Because of direct communication with a MASTER controller, it is characterized by simplicity of implementation, reliability and speed of work.

PWL modem

PWL modem is a MASTER controller extension which allows the controller to communicate with all of the other PWL devices trough power lines up to 400 meters distance. Besides communication trough power lines it is possible to establish direct connection over two wires up to 800 meters distance.

PWL dimmer 4x

This device has four high power dimmer outputs which can control full linear range of light intensity on ordinary lighting fixtures or dimmable LED panels. It is ideal for controlling multiple loads connected on one output in a purpose of creating manageable light zones.

PWL Volume dimmer

The device is intended for stereo signal damping. It is placed between sound source and amplifier to allow sound intensity control directly from our application.

PWL relay 8x

This device extends the relay output number to its master controller. Possibility of communication with MASTER controller through power lines gives the options of placing this controller out of the main electrical control cabinet without the need for additional cabling.

PWL input 8x

This device extends the number of digital inputs to its MASTER controller. It is ideal for connecting wide range of digital sensors and buttons. Option of communication through power lines allows dislocating from the main electrical control cabinet, which reduces the need for additional cabling.

PWL Tubular and Access controller

This is versatile device used in scenarios of access control, shutters or garage control and as extensions of I/O on other MASTER devices. It has 4 digital inputs, 2 NO relay outputs, Wiegand power supply and signal decoder.